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Success comes to those companies that work to understand their ever- changing market. Unfortunately, far too many companies underestimate the value of quality market research.

Market research does not need to be highly priced to be effective. MDC Associates’ cost-effective approach allows it to offer clients affordable alternatives to costly research services and to pre-packaged reports that may not answer a company or product’s specific concerns.

With over two decades of experience, MDC Associates’ practical knowledge of the industries it assists with its Call Center services and Regulatory Guidance offerings allows it to design the best market research plans for its clients based on their overall research objectives. The outcome is data, information, and analyses that can impact or confirm a client’s market strategy.

Market Surveys
Market Surveys are often an integral part of the information-gathering process. MDC Associates’ Survey Center is staffed with friendly, professional personnel who are trained to probe for the right information. They record their findings, look for trends, and provide clients with a detailed report containing concise market analyses.

Customer Satisfaction Assessments
Customer Satisfaction Assessments bridge the gap between a client and its consumer base. Customers are the best source of counsel when it comes to offering constructive product commentary. This information is advantageous to clients when making changes to their technical support, introducing their next generation of products, or implementing a marketing campaign.

Focus Groups
Focus Groups are powerful research tools that can be applied at any stage of product life. MDC Associates tailors a concept and script that conforms to a client’s objectives, applies it to an audience, and analyzes its findings. Equally important, MDC Associates creates an environment where the participant discusses topics candidly, thus giving an accurate pulse on consumer perception.

Strategic Analysis
Strategic Analysis might employ multiple methodologies. MDC Associates formulates the best market strategy based on its clients’ needs, providing them with a detailed and complete analysis. Research and analysis might combine:

  • Identifying, defining, and analyzing trends
  • Defining market in sales and units
  • Disclosing customer perspectives
  • Verifying the competition
  • Identifying niche opportunities
  • Assessing competitors’ strategies

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