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Higher quality services
MDC Associates’ Call Center services are of a higher quality for two very important reasons—first, because of MDC Associates’ strong regulatory background, and second, because of the extraordinary level of service that MDC Associates delivers to each and every one of its clients.

Clients rest easy knowing that all calls are handled in accordance with regulatory requirements while providing the highest level of quality service.

Significant savings
MDC Associates provides clients with high-caliber professional Call Center services that can save up to 50% off existing operational costs.

In addition to reducing costs associated with staff, equipment and office space, outsourcing customer support services or training requirements through MDC Associates’ multi-faceted Call Center also greatly improves how companies interface with their customers.

Staffed by professionals
MDC Associates’ Call Center staff includes medical and technical professionals that serve as an extension of a client’s company. Involvement is completely transparent to the client’s customers. Callers assume, with good reason that they are speaking with a representative of the client company. MDC Associates’ Call Center also provides seamless handling of website inquiries and foreign language calls.Calls are always answered by a live person with minimal wait time (three minutes or less), with no button pushing. MDC Associates offers 24/7 service that covers the needs of its clients’ customers at any time of the day. MDC Associates is able to assist foreign companies wishing to market and service their products in the U.S.Highly trained, highly effective
Most companies do not have the staff, in terms of numbers or qualifications, to handle crucial call center duties correctly and effectively. When products are sold at any of the large consumer chains and big box stores, manufacturers are required to have a toll-free number for answering customer questions.

Strong customer support in this environment is crucial to product success. This is one more reason why it is important to have highly trained personnel from MDC Associates on call to handle inquiries.

Before going live with a new client or product, MDC Associates’ call center staff receives rigorous product training. This ensures that the MDC staff is ready to handle any and all calls regarding the new client or product.

MDC Associates’ staff members are trained to such a high level that they do not read from scripts. They learn to carefully listen to callers and respond to their needs. With this intense training and thorough understanding, issues are resolved efficiently!

Highly efficient, too
When a call is made to MDC Associates’ call center, the person making it does not go through a series of prompts. The caller is greeted by a live person, located in MDC’s call center office.

The efficiency of the call center services are the result of many factors, among them is the fact that MDC Associates utilizes state-of-the-art software for handling all calls, and equally advanced technology for tracking and documenting all calls.

Detailed analyses
MDC Associates provides detailed analyses of all call activity at client-defined intervals, including customer feedback, which is essential in identifying possible trends. Effective trend analysis helps head off issues before they trigger possible product recalls or other regulatory actions.

Detailed data analyses also helps clients develop a more effective market strategy, and improve sales of products and consumables. The data obtained from calls help to define end users and their needs more clearly. No distributor or alternate call center is likely to offer this level of service.

Important out-reach training programs
To ensure that end users are correctly trained on the use of products they purchase, MDC Associates offers out-reach training programs. These unique programs result in early end user adoption of new products or technology, increasing customer confidence on the use of the product, while reducing customer frustrations that often come with product implementation. This is vitally important because with most medical devices, sales of disposables and ongoing orders are crucial to success.